Baby Steps – Why Some is Better

You have a goal.

We all have goals, right? Or at least we do on January first. But why is it that the vast majority of people don’t stick to their resolutions or don’t achieve their goals?

I think a big part of it is the “all or nothing” mentality that we tend to adopt. We want to go “all in” because it seems like the fastest way to get us to the end goal. But when we approach life this way, what happens when we mess up? What happens if we miss a day? What happens if we eat that slice of cake that we know we were supposed to avoid? (You too?)

Our tendency, when we take the “all or nothing” approach (even if we don’t realize it at first), is to throw in the towel when we make a mistake. We didn’t accomplish exactly what we set out to do, so all is lost! But here at Some is Better, we are convinced that there is a better way to approach life and our goals.

Baby steps!

And to be honest, those baby steps will look different for each person. So don’t compare your progress or your path with someone else’s. Progress is progress, even if it’s one miniscule step at a time.

But How Does This Apply to a Food Blog?

This is where I have a hard time with many of the popular dieting trends out there today. Most of them subscribe to this “all or nothing” mentality, and there’s little room for us to be human (and by being human, I mean eating a real cookie every once in a while). Now I understand that for some people, dieting has to be all or nothing or it doesn’t work for them to achieve their goals. I get that. But what about those of us who need some semblance of normality and cannot completely transform our entire way of eating, but still want to make healthy changes that work for our lifestyle?

Enter: Some is Better. Some progress is better than none. One healthy change at a time is better than nothing.

Baby steps.

Maybe it looks like adding pureed carrots to your pancakes so your kids don’t even know they are eating a vegetable. Or maybe it means choosing the lower carb side dish to accompany your dinner. Or maybe it’s prepping lunch ahead of time so you can avoid getting fast food again.

We Can Help.

Whatever your baby steps are, we are here to help you think of fun and creative ways to accomplish them on the path towards a healthier you. Your life is a marathon, not a sprint, so let’s establish habits that will help increase your endurance so you won’t want to throw in the towel the first time you stumble. Because, let’s be honest, “I never want to eat another cookie again,” said no one. Ever.

Our goal at Some is Better is to create and share delicious recipes, while at the same time giving you the tools you need to alter them to suit your individual dietary needs. For some, that means lowering sugar content, for others, lower fat or cholesterol. Some prefer vegan recipes while others can’t eat gluten. We will do our best with each recipe to explain the benefits of each particular modification, while also giving you an idea of how the taste/texture will change so that you can make an informed decision. Because sometimes you just need that full-fat-full-sugar-give-me-all-the-gluten cinnamon roll. But maybe you’ll just eat one this time, because now you know that Some is Better.

Let us know in the comments what baby steps you are planning to take this week to move you towards a healthier version of yourself. #someisbetter

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